The following Lelanters signed the Loyal declaration of the county of Cornwall,  

an objection to calls for an inquiry into the Peterloo massacre of August 1819:


Edward Bennets, Andrew Berriman, Henry Brush, George Bosustow, John Bosustow, William Bosustow, John Cooper, William Cundy, Han.(sic) Edwards, Joseph Glasson, Robert Hampton, John Harry, Andrew Hosking, Henry Hosking, John Hosking, Richard Hosking, Thomas Hosking, Thomas Michell, Isaac Penberthy, JB Praed, , WT Praed, Henry Prisk, Charles Richards, John Richards, John Richards, John Richards, Thomas Richards, James Triggs, John Sandow, William Warmington. There are three separate people signing John Richards. [Royal Cornwall Gazette 1820]