Tenants and occupiers of houses and land in Lelant 1920
This compilation Maxwell Adams 2009-2015
Version 3 February 2009
In 1920 the Tyringham estate put most of its property in Lelant village up for sale. This list is of estate
tenants and occupiers and their houses and their land in the village at the time of the sale. The
information is based on the sale book and maps of the sale with additional information about
present house names by me in square brackets (see Notes). Some of the houses in 1920 contained separate
households and this is not indicated in the Table.
ANDREW J Quay Lane 314
BACKHOUSE Dr CF Woodside [Penquite] 316
BALL Mrs A Littlewood 319
BANFIELD James 6 Tyringham Place 289
BANFIELD James Blacksmith's shop, Stert 362
BANFIELD Mr Land, Church Road 305
BARTLETT R Ship Inn Premises [Ship House] 301
BASSETT F McIvor Chygwidden 390
BECK Joseph Fore Street [Eastleigh] 244
BECKERLEG Albert (deceased) Fore Street [Cedar Court] 262
BECKERLEG Albert (deceased) Land, Quay Lane 314
BECKERLEG SJ Fore Street [Nineveh] 255
BENNETTS Francis House, shop, and shoemaker's workshop 297
BENNETTS Mrs Mary Fore Street [Eastleigh] 244
BLEWETT J [1] Fore Street 252
BROWN Mrs ME Rose Villa 310
BRYANT William 5 Mount Pleasant 234
BUCHANAN EM Hindon 239
BUCHANAN Mrs Land, Fore Street 318
CHADS Mrs A Woodlands 217
CHAMPION Mr Fore Street [Rose Cottage, Fore Street] 242
COCK John [Tyringham Road] 296
COGAR John Backwell Cottage/Villa [Summercourt] 216
COLE Miss Towan Cottage, 5 Tyringham Row [Dene Cottage] 276
COLE Mrs Lawry Elm House [Cedar House] 260
COLLINS S Fore Street [Nineveh] 255
COLLS Miss [1] Ivy Mount 257
COULAM R Tyringham Road [Porthgwidden] 264
COURTICE E 3 Tyringham Place 292
CRAZE F Land 330, 331
CURNOW E [3 Chapel Cottages] 223
CURNOW JH Wheelwright's shop, Stert [Griggs] 361
CURNOW Miss Fore Street [Malvern] 247
CURNOW Mrs F [Boundy's House] 221
EDDY Andrew [Downans] 359
EDDY Andrew Land 365
EDMONDS Bros Land 332
EDMONDS Bros Stable, Ship Inn Premises [Ship House] 301
EDMONDS Bros House and shop, Fore Street [Trenwith Flat] 245
EDMONDS W Park Villa [Landfall] 224
EDMONDS W Land 403
ELLIS Christopher Lelant Hotel [Badger] 251
ELLIS Christopher Land 338
FIRSTBROOK Misses Maydene 243
FIRSTBROOK Mrs Tyringham Place 285
FLINN Miss MA [Tyringham Road] 264
GERRY A 1 Tyringham Place 294
GERRY W Jnr Tyringham Place 285
GILBART WB House, stores, and yard [Towan Farmhouse etc] 311
GILBART WB Coal yard on wharf [Dynamite Quay] 406
GLASSON Mrs Quay Lane 313
GLASSON WJ 2 Orchard Villas 249
GREGORY Mr Quay Lane 312
GRIFFITHS Mrs 2 Trewynne Villas 269
GRYLLS TR Arlyn 315
HALSTEAD EF Poldeen [Poldeen, Chywyn] 302
HALSTEAD EF Church Road [Easter Cottage] 303
HALSTEAD EF Land, Church Road 327
HAMPTON Miss Quay Lane 313
HARRY Thomas 1 Orchard Villas 250
HARRY James (deceased) Land 345
HARVEY Andrew Idaho [St Nicholas Cottage] 226
HARVEY (company) Harvey's Quay, office coal shed 360
HARVEY J Land 238
HARVEY J Hampton Court [Old Court House] 227
HAWES John Fore Street [Rose Cottage, Fore Street] 242
HAZARD Mrs Elms 325
HOGG Mr Elms 324
HOLBROOK Mr Fore Street [Lamorna] 248
HORTON Mrs Fern Bank Cottages 254
HOSKING Mrs [Trebartha] 220
HOSKING Mrs [Tyringham Road] 264
HOSKINGS Mrs Land 228
HUGHES TB Bickington 321
HURRELL HP Rose Cottage, Lower Lelant 218
IRWIN Cmdr PH Pentre 326
IRWIN Cmdr PH Land 333, 335
JAMES William [Wheal Vor, Tyringham Road] 265
JEFFERY Mr Quay Lane 313
JOHNS Alfred Ship Inn Premises [Ship House] 301
JOHNS J Land 339, 340
JOHNS J House and carpenter's shop, quay [Old Quay House] 358
JOHNS Mrs [Tyringham Road] 296
JOHNS R The Cross 300
KNOWLES T [1 Tyringham Row] 280
LANGDON Mr Chilecito Villas 241
LANYON Mrs Land 366
LAWRANCE Mr T 8 Tyringham Place 287
LEARMONTH JW [2 Tyringham Row] 279
LETCHER J The Cross [Pax] 299
LITTLE William Beauly [Rosewyn] 378
LUKE Mrs [4 Tyringham Row] 277
LUKE Samuel Trendreath House 229
MADDERN James 2 Tyringham Place 293
McLAUGHLIN Mr Fern Bank Cottages 254
MICHELL HL Alma Villa [4 Mount Pleasant] 233
MICHELL Mrs Land 236
MILLETT Mr Venayr 240
MITCHELL Claude Raventor 320
MITCHELL Claude Land 328
MORLEY Miss Idaho [St Nicholas Cottage] 226
NANKERVIS Mrs Hillside, house and shop 267
NEILSON Mrs Quay Lane 313
NICHOLAS R 13 Tyringham Place 284
NICHOLAS RJ Stable, Quay Lane 336
OLDS Alfred Land 392, 402, 354
OLDS Alfred Towans Farm 391
OLDS Alfred House and shop 298
OLDS Alfred Tyringham Place 285
PEAK William George Elm House [Cedar House] 260
PEARCE James [Park Cottages] 219
PEARCE Miss Quay Lane 314
PEARCE Mrs R 14 Tyringham Place 283
PELLOW Mrs Land 228
PELLOW Mrs [Trebartha] 220
PENBERTHY ER Land, Mount Pleasant 237
PENBERTHY ER 1 Mount Pleasant [Watersmeet] 231
PENBERTHY ER Woodlands 217
PERMEWAN Miss 2 St Neots 271
PERRY J 9 Tyringham Place 286
POLGLAZE W 5 Tyringham Place 290
POLGLAZE WJ Hillside, house and shop 267
POLLARD J Land 317, 334, 343, 344, 346, 352, 353, 405
POLLARD J The Cross [The Old Farmhouse] 263
POLLARD J [Trendreath etc] 230
POMEROY Thomas Boathouse 407
POMEROY Tom Bungalow (by the river beach: now demolished) 389
POMEROY Tom Weighbridge house on wharf [Dynamite Quay] 406
POOL HL Boathouse 407
RICARDO Mrs 1 St Neots 270
RICHARDS Miss Chilecito Villas 241
RICHARDS Miss W [2] Fore Street 252
ROACH Mrs East View 256
ROACH Paul Smithy [Tyringham Row] 282
ROACH WJ Land 281
ROSEWARNE Miss A [2] Ivy Mount 257
ROSEWARNE Miss B Hampton Court [Old Court House] 227
ROSEWARNE W Arabella Cottage [Arabella] 225
RUBERRY Miss E 4 Tyringham Place 291
SANDOW James Fore Street [Old Bank House] 259
SANDOW Mrs H East View 256
SARAWAK The Ranee Chy an Chy [Badger's Holt] 261
SCHOOL Church Road [The Old School and School House] 306
SHONE Captain RE Windyridge, 8 Tyringham Row 273
SIMMONS WF Sunnyside, 7 Tyringham Row 274
SOUTHCOTT EH House and Post office, Fore Street [Trecott] 246
STEER Mrs Fern Bank Cottages 254
STONE Mrs Blewett [3 Tyringham Row] 278
SYMONS William Myrtle Cottages, Church Road [Old Cottage] 309
TAYLOR WJ Tremar 304
THOMAS Miss Orchard Cottage [Old Orchard Cottage] 307
THOMAS Mr 2 Mount Pleasant 232
TIPPETT Mrs Grace Fore Street [Rose Cottage, Fore Street] 242
TOMS W 4 Chapel Cottages 222
TOMS William Woodbine Cottages [St Piran Lodge] 235
TONKIN Miss Fore Street [Lannant] 258
UREN J [3] Fore Street 253
UREN Miss M 219
UREN Miss S The Cross [Pax] 299
VINCENT William [Cross Cottage, Tyringham Road] 266
WHATTY Mrs MS Rose Villa 310
WHITEBREAD J The Cross 300
WHITELEY Mrs H Highfield, 6 Tyringham Row 275
WICKLEY Mr Chilecito Villas 241
WILLIAMS J H 1 Trewynne Villas 268
WILLIAMS Mr Quay Lane 312
WILLIAMS Mrs WH 7 Tyringham Place 288
WOODCOCK Mr Quay Lane 312
WOODWARD Miss Quay Lane 314
YENDALL Miss E Woodbine Cottages [St Piran Lodge] 235
YOUNG Miss Myrtle Cottages, Church Road [Tykky Dew] 308
Occupiers of houses let to representatives of deceased lessees
HITCHENS Mr Albert BECKERLEG, Quay Lane 312
PELLOW William John NICHOLAS 295
PENBERTHY Mrs William PENBERTHY, 2 Mount Pleasant 232
THOMAS Mr William PENBERTHY, 2 Mount Pleasant 232
People in Lelant in 1920 who are not Tyringham tenants
ANDREW V Tyringham Road
HOCKING Mrs Hawthorn Cottage, Church Road
NICHOLLS Mr Church Road
OLDS Misses Tyringham Road
SYMONS N Church Road
The property is a house(s) unless otherwise specified.
The Lot number refers to the number of the property in the sale book.
Quay Lane is now called Station Hill.
The sale book says Tyringham Row for what is Tyringham Place; the latter is entered here. It
says 'adjoining Tyringham Row' for what is Tyringham Row and the latter is entered here.
Some lots include several houses in 1920; some lots for one house in 1920 include other houses built
in the garden since 1920; and in some instances two houses have been merged into one since 1920.
A few unnamed cottages have been demolished since 1920.
In square brackets after the 1920 name is the present name of a house where it has changed or
where a house name is not given in the sale book in 1920.
I have used the term Land to include everything not a house, eg farm fields and market gardens.
Lot 219 is now 1-3 Park Cottages.
Lot 264 is now Curlew Cottage, Porthgwidden, and St Uny's Cottage.
Lot 285 is now 10-12 Tyringham Place.
Lot 300 is now Crossways and Crossways Cottage.
Lot 312 and 313 is now 1-8 Station Hill.