Lelant in the 2011 census

2013 Maxwell Adams

Version 20 October 2013

There are no individual names in the published census data

Please read the introductory remarks on the article on the 2001 census in Lelant which apply to this 2011 article too.


There are no census statistics specifically for Lelant but three census output areas reasonably represent the village. Output areas are the smallest census areas available.

The three areas were coded UFFY0001, UFFY0007, and UFYY0009 in the 2001 census. The pages on the Neighbourhood Statistics website

E00095901, broadly the middle and west of Lelant; E00095907, broadly the south of Lelant; E00095909, broadly the north of Lelant

There are maps there that show the part of Lelant covered by the output area.

I have amalgamated information from all three output areas to give a snapshot of Lelant at the census on 27 March 2011.


Total 1018

Male 47 percent

Female 53 percent


Age of the population

0-9 years 5 percent

10-19 years 12 percent

20-64 years 51 percent

65 and over 32 percent

Number of fulltime students aged 16 and over: 69



Numbers of people aged 16 and over:

Married 507, 53.7 percent

In same-sex partnership 11, 1.2 percent,

Single, never married or in same-sex partnership 220, 23.3 percent

Separated 12, 1.3 percent

Divorced 98, 9.4 percent

Widowed 106, 11.2 percent

The last three groups refer to marriage and same-sex partnerships


Houses and households

Number of dwellings 541

Number of usually occupied households 449 

Number of dwellings with no usual resident 92 (17 percent)

Mean average household 2.35


Type of dwelling

People living in house types:

Detached house or bungalow 61.5 percent of people

Semi-detached house or bungalow 16.5 percent

House or bungalow in a terrace 16.5 percent (sic)

Flat etc 5.6 percent


Household size

One person households 26.1 percent of housholds

Two persons households 51.2 percent

Three persons households 12.2 percent

Four persons households 8.0 percent

More than four persons households 2.4 percent


Central heating

Households with central heating 424 out of 444 households

Households with no central heating 20


Household tenure

Owned outright 264 households out of 449 households, 58.8 percent of households

Owned with a mortgage or loan 127 households, 28.3 percent

Shared ownership 1 household, 0.2 percent

Privately rented 50 households, 11.1 percent

Living rent free 7 households, 1.6 percent



Christian 62.9 percent

No religion 26.5 percent

Religion not stated 10 percent

Religion other than Christian 0.6 percent  



Level 1: 112

2: 246

3: 117

4: and above: 311

Apprenticeships: 51

Other qualifications: 45

No qualifications: 175



Solely English 61 percent

Solely British 17 percent

Solely Cornish 6 percent



Number of households without a car or van 35

Total number of cars and vans 653


Council tax band

A 3.8 percent of dwellings

B 15.5

C 20.5

D 15.7

E 26.0

F 13.7

G 4.6

H 0.2



Approximate total area of the three output areas 126 hectares

Built on 8.2 percent (dwellings, building, roads, paths, rail)

Not built on 89.6 percent (gardens, greenspace, water)

Other and unclassified 2.3 percent














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