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See also Lelant references at Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office and Cornish Studies Library, https://kresenkernow.org/SOAP/search/Lelant), the Royal Institution of Cornwall, and the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) which are on this website and are not included in this bibliography. There is a section on maps at the end of this bibliography. There are further articles on Lelant by me on the website lelant.info

BL British Library, Euston, London
CFHS Cornwall Family History Society, Truro
KK Kresen Kernow (formerly CSL Cornish Studies Library, Cornwall Centre) Redruth
ML Morrab Library, Penzance
RIC Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro
SIA St Ives Archives
Pages noted in square brackets refer to Lelant

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ADAMS Maxwell (2002b) To the barricades! Well, perhaps not (St Ives Times and Echo 15 November 2002. Claimed right of way over Lelant Wharf/Dynamite Quay.)

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ADAMS Maxwell (2003b) The radical summer of Thomas Treweeke (On this website. Also in St Ives Times and Echo 7 and 14 November 2003. Campaigns of a Lelant politician.)

ADAMS Maxwell (2004a) Anta (On this website. Also in St Ives Times and Echo 24 January 2004. The gender of St Anta.)

ADAMS Maxwell (2004b) A tithe barn at Lelant? (On this website. Also in St Ives Times and Echo 12 November 2004. The possible site of a tithe barn.)

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Lelant in Chris Uphill online parish clerk website: opc-cornwall.org/Par_new/l_m/lelant.php

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