Lelant references at Kresen Kernow (KK)/Cornwall Record Office (CRO)

Compilation by Maxwell Adams 2003-2022

Version 2022

This is not a complete list of Lelant material at KK/CRO. For that see the KK website.

Archdeaconry Court
Christian EDWARDS, a spinster of Lelant, v William VINGOE, a yeoman of Ludgvan: ARD 158/36, date 1801

Brass Band
Accounts, engagements 1905-1906, Minutes 1912-1930: P120/28/1
Inventory of property of land 1911-1930: P120/28/2

Turnpike Road 1836: QS/PDT/4/1-2
Causeway 1825:
Notices etc: DDV/BO/34/1-3
Act of Parliament: LP 2/9 DDH 143
Act of Parliament: LP 3/14 DDH 143
Act of Parliament: LP 4/96

DDH 44/2 pages 39-40 (about 1775) (James Peters's evidence to 1829 court)
Also see Evacuees, National School, and Trevarrack Board School

See Methodists

See Methodists, St Uny's Church, and Vestry Minutes

Conservative Party
Minutes 1947-1981of Lelant branch of the Conservative Party: X1108. Time embargoed.

See Parish Council, St Ives Borough/Town Council, and West Penwith Rural District Council

Electoral registers
1922-90 but not 1929: RE 3 with separate entry for each year

Election 1705 or 1708
List of voters in each parish for the county election of 1705 or 1708. For Lelant one voter is recorded, James Praed: FS 3/601

Evacuees to Lelant
Admission Register for National School at Lelant September 1941, lists twenty eight names and details of evacuee pupils admitted to the National School when it merged with Duncombe Road School, London N 19: SRA/LE/2//2/1
Managers Minutes for St Ives Secondary School, The Belyars (October 1941 includes a reference to Lelant): SRM/ST Ives (Sec)/1

Footpaths at Lelant diverted 1909: QS/HD/366

See Leases DDH; Maps and plans

Lelant History Trust X1452, X1452/v/1 collection of photographs and a CD of Lelant

Houses valuation records
BY/695 List of Lelant cottages

Land valuation records
DV(1)/170 DV(3)/8/1,2 Trevethoe Estate in Lelant, Towednack, and St Erth, September 1920: DV(7)/138
Trevethoe Estate in Lelant and Towednack: DV(7)/144

Leasehold properties assignment 1726: DDX60
Lease for house in Nut Lane and Griggs Quay 1833; field (Praed): DDH 196/1-2.
Lease of land in Lelant 1834, lists names and gives details of the plot: MR/IHY/93, see Methodists

Maps and plans
There are numerous largely nineteenth century maps of parts of the village listed in Cornwall Record Office under GHW/PRAED (GHW/P):
Proposed changes to roads: GHW/P/17 (dated 1863)
Higher and Lower Lelant: GHW/P/2/1 (about 1840)
Towans Farm and Higher Lelant: GHW/P/2/15a, b (1840)
Plan of towans: GHW/P/2/19 (about 1840)
Village of Lelant: GHW/P/2/35a, b (about 1840)
Praed property in Lelant etc: GHW/P/69 (about 1870)
Trevethoe estate, Lelant: GHW/M/42 (1908)
Proposals for Trevethoe estate building: GHW/M/62/1, 2 (1901-1907)
Lelant building sites: GHW/M/63 (1899-1907)
New roads in Lelant village: GHW/M/65 (1908)
Joel Gascoyne: map of Gunwin 1696 (on film) (Lanhydrock Atlas): FS 2/32/1/7
Typed catalogue of the 1696 map (Gunwin is map 7): FS 2/61 1839
Tithe Map and Apportionment (see Tithes)
1855 Map of Wheal Towans Mine by Christopher Hitchins, marks the lodes: AD 72/10
Undated map of the water supply: DDX 14/30
Trevethoe Estate sale catalogue 1920-1925 (includes map): AD 813/9-11, AD 768, see Trevthoe Estate for other copies
Ordnance Survey maps from about 1877
Lights at Lelant Quay: H/1/74/97
Plan of 1828 showing Norwaymans Dock, roads, etc: H/166/20
Plan of Lelant village, quays, etc (undated): H/166/47
Provisional order of 1877 for making Lelant Quays public wharfs: H/207/2
Letters about charges at Lelant Quays: H/207/3/1-109
Also see National School (Conveyance 1874), Parish Church (Plans for restoration 1854), Plans submitted to West Penwith Rural District Council, Railway, and Trevarrack Board School
Plan of Eastern Cemetery: P120/2/31

There were two Methodist Chapels in Lelant: a Primitive Methodist one from about 1834-1909 and a Wesleyan Methodist one at Trendreath until June 1987.

West Cornwall Membership Book July 1767: AD 350 (includes Lelant)

Primitive Methodists
Baptism register of Primitive Methodists of St Ives Circuit (includes Lelant) 1832-1866: MR/1/140
Baptism register of Primitive Methodists of St Ives Circuit (includes Lelant) 1866-1924: MR/1/141
Preachers' plan for Primitive Methodists of St Ives Circuit (includes Lelant) 1865-1866: MR/1/135 Preachers' plan for Primitive Methodists of St Ives Circuit (includes Lelant) 1898: MR/1/136
Plan for Primitive Methodists of St Ives Circuit (includes Lelant) June-September 1898: MR/1/HY/417

Wesleyan Methodists
Baptism Register of Wesleyan Chapel, Trendreath, Lelant 1906-1977: MR/ 1/HY/ 416
Closure and sale of Trendreath Chapel 1985-1988: MR/1/HY/529
Wesley Guild Minutes (Trendreath Chapel) 1924-1927, 1932-1941, and 1942-1954: MR/I/56-58
Wesley Guild (Trendreath Chapel) membership book 1937-1945: MR/1/59
Wesley Guild (Trendreath Chapel) account book 1940-1956: MR/1/60
Trustees of St Ives (Wesleyan) Circuit (includes Lelant) 1939-1976: M/1/55
Lease of land in Lelant 1834 (lists names of trustees of Trendreath Chapel and gives details of the plot): MR/1/aHY/93

Muster roll, containing five Lelant names, dated 1809: B/Penzance/33/2

National School, Church Road
The headteachers' logbooks are with St Uny School, Carbis Bay, the successor school to Lelant National School
Managers Minutes 1869-1911, 1911-1956: DDP 120/2/50-51
Conveyance 1833: DDP 120/2/48
Conveyance 1874: DDP 120/2/49
Accounts, appointments, circulars 1899-1958: DDP 120/2/ 52-69
Admissions register 1901-1960: SRA/LE/2/1

Nosworthy and Strode Estate in Lelant : ME 3103

Overseers' accounts 1770-1802 (Lelant poor book): P120/12/1

Overseers' disbursements 1821-1828: P120/12/2

Parish Church
See St Uny's Church

Parish Council
Minute Books (two) for Lelant, 1894-1934: B/St Ives 12, B/St Ives 13

Parish registers
X 996 Parish clerk's contemporaneous transcripts of Lelant parish registers

Photograph of some Lelant men (undated): DDM1/107

Placenames in Lelant : JEB GOVER's typescript on Cornish placenames, Volume 6, pages 635-638

Plans submitted to West Penwith Rural District Council
Additions to Buryan Trewoffe in Church Road: DC/WP/295/30
House at Little Gonwin: DC/WPRDC/295/40

Two cottages inTyringham Row in 1913: DC/WP/295/263
New lavatory (wc) for a house in Church Road in 1910: DC/WP/295/264
Alterations, Lelant (Mr Tyringham) in 1910: DC/WP/295/265
West Cornwall Golf Club in 1913: DC/WP/295/266
New smith's shop in Griggs, 1910: DC/WP/295/267
Additions to Hinton in 1912: DC/WP/295/268
Alterations to Beauley in 1912: DC/WP/295/269

Polglase Bequest
John Polglase left money for annual distribution to the poor of Lelant village in 1898. There are references to it in the Minute Books of Lelant Parish Council. Also at CCA/1/14/1 there are bequest papers for 1901-54, 1953-54, and for the Endowment Fund 1925-28

See Workhouse/poorhouse, Vestry Minutes, Overseers accounts, Overseers disbursements, and Polglase Bequest.

Poor book
See Overseers accounts 1770-1802

See Trevethoe Estate

Quarter Sessions calendars
There are numerous entries for Lelant people. The reference is QS.

Various plans and descriptions of proposals for a branch line to St Ives from the 1840s onwards. The books of reference list the owners and occupiers of the land.
Plans and reference book 1844: QS/PDR/14/1,2
Plans and reference book 1846: QS/PDR/14/3,4
Plans, including reference book, and spur railway to Clay Quay 1852: QS/PDR/14/5
Plans, including reference book, and spur railway to Clay Quay 1860: QS/PDR/14/6,7
Plans, including reference book, and spur railway to Clay Quay 1863: QS/PDR/14/8,9
London Gazette notice for 1863 scheme: QS/PDR/14/9a
Plans and reference book 1873: QS/PDR/14/10,11; QS/PDR/25/16
Embankment at Lelant: QS/PDR/6/12; QS/PDR/14

AD 1102/1 Reminiscences of Lelant 1930s onwards, Mary Wills
AD 1102/2 Reminiscences of Lelant 1940 onwards, Rosemary Balmer
AD 1102/3 Lelant that was 1909 onwards, Dorothy Meade
AD 1102/4 Remembering Lelant Chapel 1927 onwards, Kathleen Gregory (Wesleyan Chapel, Trendreath, Lelant)
AD 1102/5 The War years in Lelant, Michael Tonkin (1939-45 War)

St Uny's Church
Terrier 1679: ARD/TER/285
Terrier 1727: ARD/TER/648
Terrier 1746: ARD/TER/649
Registers of baptisms, marriages, burials, marriage banns, marriage licences: P120/1
Transcripts of Lelant parish registers (made at the time by the parish clerk):
Baptisms 1827-1850, marriages 1827-1864: X 996/1
Baptisms 1851-1866: X 996/2
Marriages 1865-1866: X 996/3
Burials 1827-1866: X 996/4
Churchwardens' accounts 1722-1800, 1907-1917, 1929-1940: P120/5/1-3
Church magazine 1892, 1902-1903, 1908-1909: P120/2/47/1-3
Closure of the churchyard September 1876: P120/2/29
Consecration of additional churchyard 28 May 1877 (refers also to the grant of land for the Anglican part of the cemetery): P120/2/30
Consecration of southern cemetery 10 December 1935 (with plan): P120/2/36
Deed of sale for the rectory 1762: DDG 60
Plans for the church restoration 1854: P120/6/21-23
Parochial church council minutes 1942-1978: P120/7/11,12
Deed of Constitution for the Lelant Burial Trust 1877: P120/24/1
Bishop's permission for the use of National School, Lelant for services while St Uny's is repaired (March 1873): P 120/2/43
Church service registers 1917-1919: P 120/2/69-73

See National School and Trevarrack Board School, and Evacuees

Tithe Map Apportionment about 1841: AD 867/2
Lelant tithe map and apportionment: CRO (disk, for Windows)
Commutation and account 1841, 1892-1903: WH 3032-3033
Edgcumbe tithe accounts 1706-1717 (St Ives and Lelant) : ME 2800
Edgcumbe tithe account 1717 (Lelant) : ME 2802 Edward Nosworthy, tithes in Lelant: ME 3103

Trevarrack Board School
Plan 1878: AD 396/04 Plan of the schoolmaster's stairs 1878: AD396/71
Headteacher's log book 1880-1911: SR/LEL/1/1
School board minutes 1875-1887, 1887-1903: SRB/LEL/1-2

Trevethoe Estate (including Praed and Tyringham)
Sale catalogue1920-1925, Lelant, etc: AD813/9-11; AD768; H/125/1,2; WH/1/3390/1, 2
Lease for house and stable in Nut Lane; and Griggs Quay 1833; field: DDH 196/1-2
Also see Maps and plans; Land valuation records

See Trevethoe Estate

(Lelant ) Under Fives Playgroup: Records 1984-1992 X1219

Valuation list and rate charges book for 1929-1934 (West Penwith Rural District Council, for Lelant): DC/WP 92

Vestry Minutes 1828-1876: AD 867/1
Individual names and amounts and type of relief 1828-September 1837; for 1848 gives names and amounts for day labourers on road work; latter part of the minutes are mainly about road work.

West Penwith Rural District Council
See Plans submitted to West Penwith Rural District Council and Valuation list and rate charges book
Minute books (contain scattered references to Lelant): DC/WPRDC/195-249 (1894-1973)

DR B/WR/103 Wills 1858-1893 (Lelant is at pages 950-952)

Agreement for a joint workhouse at Marazion for several parishes including Lelant 1789 (in Madron parish records): DDP/133/16B/5
Penzance Union 1837- : PU/Penzance
Also see Vestry Minutes, Overseers accounts, and Overseers disbursements which contain references to the Poorhouse at Lelant

Sale to Henry Edwards of Lelant (20 October 1563): B/St Ives/1,2