Lelant entries from directories for 1783-1939
Surnames beginning A, B
Transcription © Maxwell Adams 2003-2004
Copyright entries from Kelly’s directories are reproduced by permission of Reed Business International.
Addresses are put immediately after a tilde ~
Bailey’s Western and Midland Directory 1783
Harrod’s Directory for Cornwall 1878
Kelly’s Directories for various unsuccessive years. An entry like 1920-35 means it is in the
unsuccessive directories examined between those years.
Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devon and Cornwall 1862
Slater’s Directory 1852-3, entries under Hayle, Cornwall
Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1789
ADAMS Thomas 1873 Kelly's coal agent
ANDREW Waldron 1862 Postal
ANDREWS Thomas 1873 Kelly's shopkeeper
ANTHONY Arundel 1873 Kelly's mine agent
ANTHONY Arundel (Captain) 1856 Kelly's mine agent
ANTHONY John 1856 Kelly's mine agent
ANTHONY Arundel (Captain) 1862 Postal mine broker
ANTHONY John 1862 Postal mine agent
ANTHONY Arundel (Captain) 1852 Slater's
ARMSTRONG HW  (MC) (Major) 1939 Kelly's Secretary, West Cornwall Golf Club
ARSCOTT [Southcott ?] Ernest 1939 Kelly's shopkeeper
ARTHER  [sic] Mr 1789/99 Universal Curate of Lenant [sic]
ARTHUR Honor  (Miss) 1893 Kelly's shopkeeper
ARTHUR Honor  (Miss) 1906 Kelly's shopkeeper
ARTHUR Honor (Mrs) 1897 Kelly's shopkeeper
ASBURY Mrs 1935-39 Kelly's ~Halldrine
AUGUSTA Beauty Salon 1939 Kelly's Augusta Beauty Salon ~Hillside
BACKHOUSE Charles Fenwick 1910-23 Kelly's physician and surgeon ~Woodside
BALL Francis Shorland  (Captain) 1935-39 Kelly's ~Littlewood
BALL Mrs 1919-26 Kelly's ~Littlewood
BALL William 1914 Kelly's ~Littlewood
BANFIELD Charlotte  (Miss) 1883 Kelly's mistress, National School
BANFIELD James 1897-1926 Kelly's smith
BARCLAY Cyril LT  1935 Kelly's vicar and surrogate ~Vicarage
BARKER Alfred Herbert 1930-39 Kelly's ~Trelan
BASSETT Frederick MacIvor 1906-10 Kelly's preparatory school ~Chygwidden
BASSETT Frederick MacIvor 1914 Kelly's ~Chygwidden
BASSETT Frederick MacIvor 1926-35 Kelly's ~Treglaze Vean
BASTIAN Thomas 1919 Kelly's police constable at Lelant
BASTIAN William 1914 Kelly's master, Trevarrack School
BASTIAN William W 1926 Kelly's master
BATCHELOR Walter 1910 Kelly's ~Arlyn
BATTEN Howard 1897 Kelly's
BECKERLEG Albert 1893-1914 Kelly's carpenter
BECKERLEG Herbert 1883 Kelly's carpenter
BECKERLEG John 1914 Kelly's insurance agent
BECKERLEG Albert 1878 Harrod's wheelwright
BECKERLEG John 1852 Slater's ~Ship 
BECKERLEG John 1852 Slater's wheelwright
BENNETT(S) F (Mrs) 1926-36 Kelly's shopkeeper
BENNETT(S) Frank 1906-39 Kelly's boot maker
BENNETTS James 1878 Harrod's publican ~Ship Inn
BENNETTS John 1878 Harrod's publican ~Praed's Arms
BENT Mrs 1939 Kelly's ~Boswinney
BINN Ottwell 1935 Kelly's ~Woodlands
BLACKMORE JK 1906 Kelly's ~The Elms
BLACKWELL William 1862 Postal
BODDINAR William 1856 Kelly's beer retailer
BOUNDY Priscilla (Mrs) 1873 Kelly's shopkeeper
BOUNDY William 1883 Kelly's shopkeeper
BOUNDY William 1878 Harrod's grocer
BROOKE William Frederick 1910 Kelly's ~Littlewood
BROWN Douglas K 1930-35 Kelly's ~Venayr
BRYANT Elizabeth (Mrs) 1856 Kelly's shopkeeper
BRYANT Mary Paynter  (Mrs) 1930 Kelly's florist~Retreat Violet Gardens
BRYANT William 1856 Kelly's shoemaker
BRYANT William 1873 Kelly's shoemaker
BRYANT William 1939 Kelly's proprietor of Retreat Violet and Anemone Gardens
BRYANT Elizabeth (Mrs) 1862 Postal shopkeeper
BRYANT William 1862 Postal shoemaker
BRYANT William 1852 Slater's boot and shoe maker
BUCHANAN Mrs 1935-39 Kelly's ~Hindon
BUCHANAN Reginald WC 1914-30 Kelly's ~Hindon
BURT Charles 1873 Kelly's subpostmaster
BURT Charles 1878 Harrod's tailor and postmaster
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