Lelant entries from directories for 1783-1939
Surnames C, D
Transcription © Maxwell Adams 2003-2004
Copyright entries from Kelly’s directories are reproduced by permission of Reed Business International.
Addresses are put immediately after a tilde ~
Bailey’s Western and Midland Directory 1783
Harrod’s Directory for Cornwall 1878
Kelly’s Directories for various unsuccessive years. An entry like 1920-35 means it is in the
unsuccessive directories examined between those years.
Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devon and Cornwall 1862
Slater’s Directory 1852-3, entries under Hayle, Cornwall
Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1789
CAMERON Mrs 1914 Kelly's ~Arlyn
CARBINES Nicholas 1852 Slater's carpenter 
CARBINES Nicholas 1852 Slater's shopkeeper/groceries dealer
CARBINIS Nicholas 1856 Kelly's shopkeeper and carpenter
CARBINIS Thomas 1856 Kelly's grocer
CARBINIS N 1862 Postal shopkeeper and carpenter
CARBINIS Thomas 1862 Postal grocer
CARNALL/CARNALL Robert 1893-97 Kelly's boot and shoe maker (1893 Carnell, 1897 Carnall)
CARNELL William R 1878 Harrod's bootmaker
CARTER Brothers 1935-39 Kelly's coal dealers ~The Cross
CARTER William 1926 Kelly's coal dealer
CHADS John Hanbury 1883-1910 Kelly's Captain Royal Navy ~Woodlands
CHADS Mrs 1923 Kelly's ~Woodlands
CHAMPION Herbert Stanley (Captain) 1923 Kelly's ~Tremar
CHANDLER Charles Smith 1939 Kelly's Captain Royal Navy ~Woodlands
CHAPMAN Arthur Greig 1926 Kelly's vicar~Vicarage
CHAPPLE Walter W 1902 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
CHRISTOPHER Andrew 1856 Kelly's farmer ~Gunwyn
CHRISTOPHER Mrs 1893 Kelly's ~Backwell Villa
CHRISTOPHER Thomas 1873 Kelly's master mariner
CHRISTOPHER Wiliam 1873-89 Kelly's ~Backwell Villa
CLIPPINGDALE Leonard Alfred 1935-39 Kelly's proprietor ~Links Hotel [forename order uncertain]
CLIPPINGDALE & FORD 1930 Kelly's ~Links Hotel
COCK Joseph 1926-39 Kelly's glazier ~Tyringham Road
CODYRE E  (Captain) 1923 Kelly's ~Lelant Hotel
CODYRE Edward  (Captain) 1926 Kelly's ~Venayr
COGAR John 1926 Kelly's ~Backwell Villa
COGAR Mrs 1897-1923 Kelly's ~Backwell Villa
COLE Marion  (Mrs) 1935-36 Kelly's boarding house ~8 Tyringham Road
COMER William Henry 1919 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
COMER William Henry 1919 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
COOPER John 1856 Kelly's farmer and gardener
COOPER Thomas 1856 Kelly's farmer and gardener
COOPER William 1856 Kelly's farmer and gardener
COOPER William CM 1926-35 Kelly's ~Little Haven
COUCH John 1939 Kelly's ferryman
COURTICE Edwin 1919-30 Kelly's ~The Lodge
COURTICE  Edward F 1935 Kelly's ~The Lodge
CRAZE Francis 1902 Kelly's farmer ~Trevethoe Barton
CROMBIE David 1930 Kelly's ~Lelant Hotel
CUNDY Ann 1852 Slater's shopkeeper/ groceries dealer
CURNOW (Miss) 1906 Kelly's ~Trendreth [Trendreath House?]
CURNOW Andrew 1897 Kelly's
CURNOW Fanny (Mrs) 1926 Kelly's shopkeeper
CURNOW James 1897 Kelly's market gardener
CURNOW James 1926-39 Kelly's carpenter
CURNOW Matthew 1906-10 Kelly's ~The Retreat
DE WALTON John A 1923-26 Kelly's ~Abbey Cottage
DICKS Mary (Mrs) 1919-26 Kelly's hotelier ~Bostowan/Links Hotel
DOWDALL John Stanley (Mr and Mrs) 1939 Kelly's boarding house ~The Elms
DREW Misses 1935-39 Kelly's boarding house
DUNSTAN Thomas 1910 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
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