Lelant entries from directories for 1783-1939
Surnames beginning H
Transcription © Maxwell Adams 2003-2004
Copyright entries from Kelly’s directories are reproduced by permission of Reed Business International.
Addresses are put immediately after a tilde ~
Bailey’s Western and Midland Directory 1783
Harrod’s Directory for Cornwall 1878
Kelly’s Directories for various unsuccessive years. An entry like 1920-35 means it is in the
unsuccessive directories examined between those years.
Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devon and Cornwall 1862
Slater’s Directory 1852-3, entries under Hayle, Cornwall
Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1789
HALL Amy Quick (Mrs) 1910 Kelly's shopkeeper
HALLWARD Arthur Wesley 1926-35 Kelly's ~Bosmorva
HALSTE(A)D Ernest Frederick 1923-35 Kelly's (1930-35 Secretary, West Cornwall Golf Club) ~Poldeen
HALSTE(A)D Francis H 1910-14 Kelly's 1914 Secretary, West Cornwall Golf Club ~Poldeen
HAMEL Alfred A 1923 Kelly's ~Penrose
HAMLEY Joseph 1897-1902 Kelly's curate ~Vicarage
HARRIS Elizabeth (Mrs) 1926 Kelly's laundry ~Mill House
HARRIS Wilmot  (Miss) 1914 Kelly's mistress, Trevarrack School
HARRY James 1883-93 Kelly's draper
HARRY James 1897 Kelly's egg and butter merchant
HARRY and Son James 1906 Kelly's egg and butter merchant
HARRY Thomas 1906-10 Kelly's egg and butter merchant
HARRY and Son Thomas 1926-39 Kelly's garage proprietors
HARRY James 1878 Harrod's bootmaker
HARVEY Cecil Palmer 1939 Kelly's JP, St Ives ~Bosmorva
HARVEY Cecil Palmer 1923-35 Kelly's ~The Elms
HARVEY Mrs 1935-39 Kelly's ~Tregilly
HAWES Francis 1893-97 Kelly's bootmaker
HAWES John 1914 Kelly's shopkeeper
HAWES Mary (Mrs) 1856 Kelly's shopkeeper
HAWES Sampson 1856 Kelly's gentry
HAWES Sampson 1873 Kelly's
HAWES Francis 1878 Harrod's bootmaker
HAWES Mary (Mrs) 1862 Postal shopkeeper
HAWES Sampson 1862 Postal
HILL Valentine 1926 Kelly's ~The Elms
HOCKEN Ann (Mrs) 1856-73 Kelly's publican ~Praeds Arms
HOCKEN Ann (Mrs) 1862 Postal publican ~Praed Arms 
HOCKIN Thomas 1852 Slater's ~Praed's Arms
HOCKING James 1856 Kelly's farmer ~Gunwyn
HOCKING Richard 1865 Postal tea dealer and grocer
HOCKING Joanna 1852 Slater's shopkeeper, groceries dealer
HODGE John H 1910 Kelly's police constable
HODGE(S) John H 1873 Kelly's schoolmaster, National School
HOGG John Francis 1919-23 Kelly's ~The Elms
HOLLAND William 1856 Kelly's mine agent
HOLLOW James 1856 Kelly's mine broker
HOLLOW John 1873 Kelly's coal merchant
HOLLOW Richard 1856 Kelly's mine agent
HOLLOW William 1856-73 Kelly's mine agent
HOLLOW John 1878 Harrod's coal merchant
HOLLOW James 1862 Postal mine broker
HOLLOW Richard 1862 Postal mine agent
HOLLOW William 1862 Postal mine agent
HOLMAN Leonard 1919 Kelly's ~Bemersyde
HONEYCHURCH Ada Mary  (Mrs) 1939 Kelly's nursing home ~1 St Neots VIllas
HONEYCHURCH Ada Mary  (Mrs) 1935-36 Kelly's apartments ~2 Chilecito Villas
HOSKIN Ernest 1926 Kelly's police constable
HOSKING Andrew 1856 Kelly's farmer~Gunwyn
HOSKING John 1897 Kelly's stationmaster at Lelant
HOSKING Martin 1856 Kelly's gardener
HOSKING Miss 1926 Kelly's infants'  mistress
HOSKING Mrs 1897-1910 Kelly's ~The Abbey
HOSKING Richard 1856 Kelly's farmer ~Gunwyn
HOSKING Martin 1862 Postal gardener
HOUSE Clifford Roy 1935-39 Kelly's grocer
HOW Francis R 1935-36 Kelly's physician and surgeon
HUGHES Thomas B 1910-39 Kelly's ~Bickington
HURRELL Herbert 1926 Kelly's assistant overseer
HURRELL Herbert Philip 1910-14 Kelly's insurance agent and assistant overseer
HURRELL Herbert Philip 1935-39 Kelly's collector of general rates ~Rose Cottage
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