Lelant entries from directories for 1783-1939
Surnames beginning I, J, K, L, M
Transcription © Maxwell Adams 2003-2004
Copyright entries from Kelly’s directories are reproduced by permission of Reed Business International.
Addresses are put immediately after a tilde ~
Bailey’s Western and Midland Directory 1783
Harrod’s Directory for Cornwall 1878
Kelly’s Directories for various unsuccessive years. An entry like 1920-35 means it is in the
unsuccessive directories examined between those years.
Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devon and Cornwall 1862
Slater’s Directory 1852-3, entries under Hayle, Cornwall
Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1789
INGRAM William E 1926 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
IRVING Andrew 1919-23 Kelly's ~Idaho
IRWIN Phillip H 1919-26 Kelly's Commander Royal navy retired (Captain 1919) ~Pentre
JACKSON Sydney 1939 Kelly's ~Penquite
JEFFERY Miss 1919 Kelly's ~Seagulls
JENNINGS Margaret (Mrs) 1856-73 Kelly's shopkeeper
JENNINGS Margaret (Mrs) 1862 Postal shopkeeper
JENNINGS Margaret 1852 Slater's shopkeeper, groceries dealer
JOHNS John 1856-73 Kelly's carpenter
JOHNS F (Mrs) 1878 Harrod's grocer
JOHNS John 1878 Harrod's carpenter
JOHNS John 1862 Postal carpenter
JOHNS John 1852 Slater's carpenter
JONES D Stanley 1939 Kelly's physician and surgeon, GP ~attends at post office [Trecott]
LAMOND J Logan  (Mrs) 1939 Kelly's ~Quay Private Hotel
LANGDON Jane  (Mrs) 1914-23 Kelly's apartments ~2 Chilecito VIllas
LASHBROOK Albert Romilly 1939 Kelly's blacksmith
LASHBROOK W 1930-36 Kelly's blacksmith
LEARMOUTH James Watt 1926-39 Kelly's golf club maker
LEE John Joseph 1914 Kelly's ~Bostowan
LETCHER Elizabeth (Mrs) 1856 Kelly's shopkeeper
LETCHER Elizabeth (Mrs) 1862 Postal shopkeeper
LINDNER Mrs 1926-39 Kelly's ~Riverside
LITTLE William 1914-19 Kelly's ~Beauly
LOWRY-COLE Marion (Mrs) 1923-26 Kelly's ~Elm House
LOWRY-COLE Marion (Mrs) 1930-39 Kelly's ~Pentre
LUKE Mrs 1930-35 Kelly's ~Trendreath [Trendreath House?]
LUKE Samuel 1914-26 Kelly's ~Trendreath [Trendreath House?]
MacCREATH James 1919-23 Kelly's ~Riverside
MAGOR George Furnis Auriol 1923-39 Kelly's ~Chygwidden
MAINWARING Bertram 1935-39 Kelly's publican ~Lelant Hotel
MARRACK P 1893 Kelly's Treasurer, West Cornwall Golf Club
MARTIN Josiah 1910-26 Kelly's stationmaster at Lelant
McWATTERS William M 1939 Kelly's vicar and surrogate ~Vicarage
MEADE Arthur 1939 Kelly's artist~Morrab's Bungalow
MESSERVY Charles de Faye 1923 Kelly's ~Venayr
MILES William Ernest 1923-39 Kelly's coal, coke, and oil merchant ~Griggs Quay
MILLETT John Nicholas 1883-1919 Kelly's ~Venayr
MITCHELL Bryant 1919 Kelly's ~The Retreat
MITCHELL Claude 1914-26 Kelly's ~Raventor
MITCHELL Edward 1897-1919 Kelly's auctioneer etc ~The Elms, Riverside
MITCHELL Miss 1939 Kelly's ~Halwell
MITCHELL Mrs 1914 Kelly's ~The Retreat
MITCHELL Mrs 1926-35 Kelly's Halwell
MITCHELL William 1897 Kelly's ~Treloweth House
MITCHELL and Son William 1873 Kelly's corn and manure merchants
MITCHELL and Son William 1897 Kelly's seed merchants
MITCHELL and Sons 1878 Harrod's manure, seed, and general merchants
MITCHELL Edward 1878 Harrod's auctioneer
MITCHELL and Sons Edward 1910-26 Kelly's auctioneers and valuers
MORLEY J (Miss) 1873 Kelly's mistress, National School
MORLEY Rebecca (Mrs) 1897 Kelly's draper
MORLEY William 1873 Kelly's coal merchant
MORLEY and Son William 1883 Kelly's coal merchants
MORLEY Miss 1878 Harrod's ~Idaho
MORLEY William 1878 Harrod's coal merchant
MOYLE Walter 1914 Kelly's shopkeeper
MUMFORD Mrs 1914 Kelly's ~The Elms
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