Lelant entries from directories for 1783-1939
Surnames beginning R, S
Transcription © Maxwell Adams 2003-2004
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Addresses are put immediately after a tilde ~
Bailey’s Western and Midland Directory 1783
Harrod’s Directory for Cornwall 1878
Kelly’s Directories for various unsuccessive years. An entry like 1920-35 means it is in the
unsuccessive directories examined between those years.
Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devon and Cornwall 1862
Slater’s Directory 1852-3, entries under Hayle, Cornwall
Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1789
RADCLIFFE Raymond Cox  (Reverend) 1910-14 Kelly's ~Pentre
RAWE William 1897 Kelly's master, Trevarrack Board School
RICHARDS Ann  (Miss) 1914-23 Kelly's apartments ~3 Chilecito Villas
RICHARDS Charles 1856 Kelly's gentry
RICHARDS Charles 1873 Kelly's
RICHARDS Charles 1862 Postal
RICHARDS Thomas 1800s Postal Lelant church clerk
ROACH Maurice 1930-36 Kelly's garage
ROACH Paul 1873 Kelly's farmer and shopkeeper
ROACH Paul 1910-26 Kelly's blacksmith
ROACH Paul  (Junior) 1889-97 Kelly's publican ~Praeds Arms
ROACH William John 1910-36 Kelly's builder ~Glen Spey
ROACH Paul 1878 Harrod's grocer
ROACH'S GARAGES 1939 Kelly's
ROBERTS William Henry 1897-1919 Kelly's farmer and market gardener (1919 ~Langweath House)
ROBERTS and Sons William Henry 1910 Kelly's market gardeners
ROBERTS James 1878 Harrod's miller
RODDA Edward 1883-88 Kelly's (1888 publican) ~Praeds Arms
ROGERS Philip 1935 Kelly's farmer ~Trevethoe
ROSCORLA Robert 1873 Kelly's schoolmaster
ROSEWARNE John 1873 Kelly's master mariner ~Hampton Court
ROSEWARNE John Carpenter 1897 Kelly's clerk to school board and assistant overseer
ROSEWARNE Phillis  (Miss) 1914-39 Kelly's dressmaker (1919 onwards ~Hampton Court)
ROSEWARNE William 1883 Kelly's manager of Trencrom and Wheal Sisters tin mines
ROWE Bernard Bickford 1939 Kelly's insurance agent ~4 Tyringham Road
ROWELL Ralph 1919-23 Kelly's ~Southleigh
SAINT AUBYN John 1873-83 Kelly's ~Trevethoe
SAINT LEVAN (Lord) 1888-89 Kelly's ~Trevethoe
SANDOW Annie (Miss) 1897 Kelly's registrar for births and deaths
SANDOW James 1856 Kelly's farmer, registrar of births, deaths and marriages ~Trembethow
SANDOW James 1873 Kelly's grocer and registrar of births and deaths
SANDOW James 1935 Kelly's ~Penselwood
SANDOW James 1893-97 Kelly's grocer
SANDOW James 1910-26 Kelly's grocer, registrar of births and deaths, Lloyds Bank agent
SANDOW Miss 1939 Kelly's ~Eastleigh
SANDOW Mrs 1926-35 Kelly's ~Eastview
SANDOW JH 1878 Harrod's grocer
SANDOW H James 1862 Postal farmer and registrar of births and deaths
SCOTT Charles Montague Laurence 1939 Kelly's Commander, Royal Navy, retired ~Green Loaning
SEALY Miss 1926-39 Kelly's ~Tremar
SHAW-BAKER (Mr) 1939 Kelly's nurseryman ~Church Road
SHAW-BAKER and Sons 1930-35 Kelly's nurserymen
SIMPSON Percy 1906-10 Kelly's FRGS, MSA, etc ~Riverside Studio
SMITH George Henry 1926-39 Kelly's ~The Abbey
SODDY John 1856 Kelly's mine clerk
SODDY William John 1856 Kelly's mine agent
SODDY Francis 1862 Postal auctioneer etc
SODDY Francis 1852 Slater's auctioneer
SOUTHCOTT Christina  (Mrs) 1910-39 Kelly's subpostmistress ~post office [Trecott]
SOUTHCOTT Christina  (Mrs) 1930-39 Kelly's stationer
SOUTHCOTT Ernest 1939 Kelly's See ARSCOTT
SPUGG Ann (Mrs) 1856 Kelly's shopkeeper
STANBROUGH Walter F 1939 Kelly's ~Poldeen
STEVENS John 1856 Kelly's coal agent ~Griggs
STEVENS John 1873 Kelly's coal agent and carpenter
STEVENS John 1862 Postal ~Griggs
STOKES Adrian 1897 Kelly's ~Church Lane [now called Church Road]
SUMMERHILL Arthur JW  (Reverend) 1923 Kelly's ~Summercote
SYMONS Harry 1939 Kelly's plumber ~4 Station Road [Station Hill]
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