Lelant landowners in 1820 and 1873

Version 2 August 2014
This compilation: © Maxwell Adams 2014

There is a disk, Return of owners of land 1873 Cornwall, published by Archive CD Books (www.archivecdbooks.org).

CS GILBERT lists the "principal landowners in Lelant" in 1820 as Sir Christopher HAWKINS, William PRAED, the reverend HH TREMAYNE, FH RODD, Samuel STEPHENS, and James HALSE. This is presumably in the parish not just the village. [GILBERT CS (1820) An historical survey of the county of Cornwall Longman, London, page 710]

These below are landowners of an acre and more in Lelant parish not just Lelant village in 1873

Landowner and approximate acres owned

John BRUSH 4.6

Christopher EDWARDS 1.0

John HARRIS 60.7

Mrs Eliza HIRE 12.7

Samuel NOALL 48.3

Charles RICHARDS 110.5

Fenwick RICHARDS 26.2

Grace RICHARDS 12.8

Mrs Mary RICKARD 12.7

James Henry SANDOW 5.5

John THOMAS 97.1


(Reverend) RF TYACKE 11.6


All give their residence as Lelant except RWG Tyringham who gives his as Tyringham, Buckinghamshire.