Lelant village leaseholders/tenants in 1838

This presentation Maxwell Adams 2004-2012

22 January 2012

This is a summary for Lelant village of the entries of people in the reference book A list of estates in the manor of Lelant and Trevethow which accompanies a book of maps, both dated 1838. The book of maps is a copy made in 1838 by I Rutger of maps made in 1820 by Charles Moody. Both the 1838 maps and the list are in the Royal Institution of Cornwall (RIC HJ/5/4,1 and HJ 5/4,2). The maps and list extend beyond the village.

In this summary the number after the name is of the page in the reference book. The people are tenants of Praed/Tyringham.

Some names appear more than once in the reference book. It is most likely that the same name means the same person but I have entered each name separately for each entry in the book. If all the same names apply to the same people, and if "late" means "dead",then a few people seem to be simultaneously both alive and dead.

These holdings are on maps 1 and 2

BRIANT John: house 45
BRUSH Henry: orchard near Poor House 28
BRUSH Henry: fields 31
BRUSH Henry: house and fields 43
CHELLEW William: house, barn, stable, garden, and orchard 18
CHELLEW William: "Preaching House" (Methodist), fields 44
CHELLEW William: house 18
CONGDON Mary: house 45
COOPER John: fields, house 25
COOPER John: fields 26
COOPER John: fields 34
COOPER John: "The unenclosed parts of the Towens" (sic) 42
COOPER John: house 43
CORNISH COPPER COMPANY: Griggs Lane cellars, house, and quay 22 [Griggs Quay]
CORNISH COPPER COMPANY: Lelant old cellars at Old Quay 23
CORNISH COPPER COMPANY: Lelant Cellars (Newtons), cellars, quay, dwelling house, brewery, yard, waste 23
DUNSTAN William: three houses 43
ELLIS William: fields (on map only, not in book)
FARQUHARSON William: house and fields 45
HALL Elizabeth: widow, house 43
HALSE James: not a tenant. House.
HALSE James: fields 41
HALSE John: houses 28 HAMPTON Robert: former tenant of house etc 43 (now RICHARDS Edward)
HARRY John: fields 26
HAWES Mary: house 43
HAWES Sampson: house and fields 42
HAWES Sampson: former tenant of three houses 43 (now DUNSTAN William)
HAWES William: Langweath - fields, houses, stable, barn, garden 24
HODGE Richard: Burning House (late Isaac PENBERTHY representatives) 23
HOSKING Hann'ble: fields 27
HOSKING Henry: fields 26
HOSKING Henry: fields 28
HOSKING Henry: fields 42
HOSKING John: house and fields 45
HOSKING William: former tenant of grist mills and stables 18 (now MICHELL John)
JOHN Thomas: The Towens (sic) "house, barn, stable, garden, mowhay, etc" 42
KNIVETON Mrs: former tenant of houses, gardens, orchard 42 (now TREGARTHEN John)
LILLY John: nursery 10
MICHELL John: grist mills and stables 18
MICHELL William: three houses 43
MICHELL William: house and pound 43
MICHELL William: three houses in Quay Lane 43
MORRISH Job: fields 31
MORRISH Job: house 45
MORRISH Job: fields 46
NICHOLLS Christopher: fields in Nut Lane 25
NICHOLAS Phyllis: "late", house 44 (now NICHOLAS William)
NICHOLAS William: fields and houses 27
NICHOLAS William: fields 32
NICHOLAS William: two houses and fields 44
PAYNTER: "late" tenant of a house 44 (now RICHARDS William)
PEARCE Agnes: widow, houses 44
PENBERTHY Isaac: fields 27 and Ship Inn 27
PENBERTHY Isaac, late, representatives 23 (now HODGE Richard)
QUICK William: house and fields 44
RAWLING Sarah: "late", house 44 (now RONODEN John)
RICHARD Edward: house etc 43
RICHARDS: "late" tenant of a "new house" 44 (now TREGENZA Edward)
RICHARDS Ann: house and orchard 34
RICHARDS Hugh (Captain): "late" tenant of fields 26 (now HARRY John)
RICHARDS Hugh: tenant of "The New Inn, Public House," barn, stable 45
RICHARDS John: "a smith's shop and shoeing house" 31
RICHARDS Lewis: house 46
RICHARDS Mary: house 44 (a widow)
RICHARDS William: house ("late" PAYNTER) 44
RONODEN John: house 44 (formerly RAWLING Sarah)
SAMPSON: "late" tenant of house and fields 44 (now CHELLEW William)
SAMPSON: house and fields "representatives of Sampson, Junior" (no forename) 45 (now HOSKING John)
STEVENS Ann: fields 41
STEVENS Richard: fields 44
STEVENS Richard: house 44
STEVENS Samuel: former tenant of house and fields 43 (now BRUSH Henry)
STEVENS Samuel: former tenant of fields 44
STEVENS William: house 46
SYMONS Thomas: Mill's House, house etc 42
TREDINNICK William: two houses, with Jane WHITE 45
TREDINNICK William and Hannibal: house 43
TREGARTHEN John: houses, gardens, orchard 42
TREGENZA Edward: a "new house" 44
UREN Amy: fields 32 (possibly dead and now UREN Clement)
UREN Charles: "late" tenant of New Inn public house, barn, stable 45 (now RICHARDS Hugh)
UREN Charles: "late" tenant of garden 45 (now UREN William)
UREN Clement: fields 32
UREN John: fields 43
UREN William: garden, formerly Charles UREN 45
WHITE Jane: widow, two houses, with William TREDINNICK 45

Page 45 records "Yellow clay pits, waste, lately planted" at the present woods either side of the east end of present Station Hill. The book also mentions Polkidnow sands and Norwayman's Dock; and Lake Lane which runs from Trevethoe Gate to Griggs Quay.