Written by RF Tyacke, vicar, in the St Uny's baptism register for 1846-1901 (CRO: P 120/1/4). Memoranda 1-3 are at the front of the register, 4-8 at the back. Punctuation slightly modified by me.

This transcription © Maxwell Adams 20 September 2011


On Thursday July 31, 1873 the parish church was reopened after complete restoration at a cost of £1179.8.6. The architect was Mr JD Sedding of Bristol, the builder Messrs Bone and Son of Liskeard. The whole of the money was raised and given voluntarily and no part or portion was given by the parish in the way of rate. With the exception of £100 collected by a committee from persons having shares in mines or interested in the parish the whole sum was given by three persons or collected by them – Mr Wm Hollow, manager of Providence Mine gave and collected £50, Mrs Higgins of Trevethow and the vicar gave or collected the balance. The parish officers (churchwardens) in no way gave any assistance, as churchwardens, nor can the parishioners in any way lay claim to the present fabric of the church, since it would have remained a wreck after the gale of 1872 had not private persons and members of the congregation come forward and made it safe to use.

Since my coming to Lelant in the year 1869 the parish as such has in no way repaired the church or churchyard fence or paid anything towards the salaries of clerk or sexton or in any way whatever towards the maintenance of church fabric, services, or officers. All these with debts of some years standing have been provided and paid for by the congregation worshipping at the church, to my certain knowledge from January 13th 1869, and to my belief from trustworthy evidence, for some years before that date.

RF Tyacke Vicar December 22nd 1873


In the year 1845 the wooden windows were removed from the north aisle and east side and replaced by stone. At the same time the pillars were cleared from whitewash down to the level of the horse box pews, and the arcading repointed. The cost about £300 was entirely defrayed by one churchman and no help was obtained from the parish. My authority for this is the reverend J Tonkkin of St Burian [sic], son of my predecessor.

RF Tyacke Vicar Aug 19 1874


Mr Francis Higgins of Turvey House, Bedford was appointed parish clerk on Sunday March 21st 1875.

RF Tyacke Vicar March 22 1875


Mrs Tyacke offers to place an organ in the parish church for use during divine service, the organ to remain her property and to be removable from the church at the pleasure of herself or her executors, And if removed to be replaced by an organ containing four (4) stops, to be built by Telford of Dublin or some other good organ builder. The cost not to exceed £80. Any organ within this cost, when placed in the church, may be purchased by agreement between the persons interested in the parish church and Mrs Tyacke or her executors.


"At a vestry meeting held at the vestry room in the parish on Wednesday September 20th 1871 at 7 pm for the purpose of considering the offer of an organ for the use of the parish church made by Mrs Tyacke, it was proposed by Mr John Brush and seconded by Mr John Bennetts that this offer be accepted and carried unanimously.

C Richards chairman, John Brush, JH Sandow, John Bennetts."

The above is a correct copy extracted from the minutes of the meeting which are in my possession and a copy of which is entered in the minutes of the vestry book.

RF Tyacke Vicar Sep 21st 1871


A pulpit, oak with granite base, designed by J Piers St Aubyn esq, was erected in the parish on May 7th and used for the first time on Monday May 8th 1887. A brass desk was given in mem: Alice Margaret Stevens. The cost of the pulpit was £25, of the desk £3, collected £1, total £29. The whole of this sum was voluntarily given.

RF Tyacke Vicar May 20th 1887


The old font having been taken from the church was found by reverend U Tonkin, vicar of this parish, in a farmyard and was by him for security placed in the tower. On Easter day 1889 it was rededicated having been restored under the direction of J Piers St Aubyn esq. The first child baptised was Ethel Dudley on April 26th 1889. The work of restoration was done by Mr Roberts, builder at Pool, at a cost of £18.10. The whole of this was voluntarily given.

The freestone font or rather arrangement in which a basin was placed for use as a font is placed in the tower.

RF Tyacke Vicar April 26th 1889


Easter day 1895 A processional cross, brass and jewelled, with ebony shaft was presented to the church by a friend.

RF Tyacke Vicar July 17 1895



“In consequence of the manner in which the cross standing by the roadside from Lelant church to St Ives, near Gonwyn, had been disfigured and painted by the rough fishermen from St Ives, it was removed from its original site and placed in the centre of the new burial ground by and at the cost of the trustees of the Trevethow Estate. A plate of this will be found at page 14 volume ii of Blight’s Ancient Crosses. FY TYacke, MA, vicar, March 8th 1878. This removal took place on March 5th 1878.”

The cross near the eastern end of the consecrated portion of the new burial ground stands in the same place as I found it when I came to St Uny Lelant in 1869. RFT”