Lelant parish council minutes 1894-1934

Notes based on the council minute books: CRO B/St Ives 12 (December 1894-March 1912), CRO B/St Ives 13 (April 1912-March 1934)

These notes Maxwell Adams 2007

Version 31 January 2007

4 December parish meeting at Trevarrack School elected eleven councillors from thirteen candidates
Elected: Francis CRAZE farmer, Trevethoe 39 votes, later elected chair; William GLASSON smith, Longstone 37; James HARRY merchant, Lelant 38; John LUKE mechanic, Start 35; Edward MITCHELL auctioneer, Treloweth 30; Joseph PAYNE farmer, Nance 42; James ROGERS farmer, Carninney 39; William SANDOW farmer, Gonew 45; Matthew TREWHELLA farmer, Trink 46; Thomas Henry TREWEEKE mining, engineer Lelant 34; John WHITEBREAD mechanic, Lelant 38. Not elected: WJ RICHARDS railway porter, Lelant 15; Paul ROACH farmer, Rejarne 12. Clerk: JC ROSEWARNE

Old records

February 1895 to ask Tyacke, the vicar, to give the parish council any books and documents belonging to the parish

5 August 1895 dispute about the custody of the old parish minute book dating from 1876; kept by the vicar and churchwardens and some councillors wanted it kept by the council

December 1896 still concerned about the custody of the old minute book

15 February 1897 county council decided the parish council should keep the old minute book

October 1897 an inventory to be made of all books, documents etc kept by the parish clerk: old rate books etc "said to be of no use whatsoever"

November 1897 Inventory (written in the back of the Minute Book): Vestry Book 1828-1876, Overseers' account book 1847-1874, Minute Book 2 June 1876-31 March 1895, Minute Book of the parish council 4 December 1894 onwards, Documents about the 1887 and 1897 jubilees, Parish council audited accounts 1894-1897

4 April 1898 agreed to destroy "old receipt cheque books" which were "useless"

24 April 1899 Document Committee made an inventory of the parish cupboard: rate books, account books from 1837 onwards

14 July 1913 "It was decided by the members present that Messrs Roach, Payne, and Rowe should go through the old books in the cupboard and burn the one <sic> that they thought was of no use"


18 April 1895 concern about the water quality at the deep well and pump at Lelant Cross

May 1895 Minutes mention "the scarcity of water in the village" June 1896 well at the Cross to be closed

October 1896 meeting to be held on 19 October to discuss various schemes for improving water supply in the village

November 1901 "Mr Millett spoke of the great boon the <Brewery> Shoot had been to the village especially of late through the partial failure of the proper supply." Mr Glanville asked to keep the shoot safe.

1902 Carbis Bay water supply and drainage came to the fore

Resident police

27 March 1896 asked county council for the return of a resident policeman

April 1896 "Since the removal of the <resident police> officer...several petty thefts had taken place and the supervision from St Ives is at present totally inadequate"

October 1896 wrote again to county council about the need for a resident policeman

18 April following complaints from tourists Lelant council asked West Penwith rural district council (WPRDC) for directing posts at Lelant Cross and Trevethoe Lodge

5 August three councillors present, no business done

6 February one councillor present, no business done

October complained the directing posts were black with white writing; they should be white with black writing

September wrote to WPRDC about the renaming of roads in Lelant

7 June chair said that Treweeke was disqualified because he was an undischarged bankrupt; Treweeke disputed his disqualification

13 July disputatious meeting about Treweeke

1 December council told of Polglase Bequest. HP Hurrell becomes clerk to the council at 5 a year and also assistant overseer at 24-10-0 a year. Water in Church Road, the pond at Towan Farm in a dangerous state

January Skidney Lane should be repaired but WPRDC would not repair "paths...through lanes and fields"

September railway station gates not openable to men putting up telephone wires though they were a right of way

January council distribute the Polglase Bequest money for the first time, one shilling to twenty eight or twenty nine people

July "The chairman spoke of the removal of the fair from the Cross...and that it might be removed to the bank at the church..." Reception of soldiers on return from the South African War, documents put in parish cupboard

1 August council unanimously approved the removal of the fair to the church bank

September to inspect the station gates to see that they opened to "see that the right of way at the railway crossing was preserved"

7 November council wrote to General Buller to support him

March "Mr Chapple spoke at some length about the need of working class houses for Lelant Village and Carbis Bay district and also to the overcrowding in some cases for the need of houses to suit these class of people"; council to ask Tyringham for land to build houses at a rent of 5-6 a year

9 July a parish meeting to consider the parish council taking on the village lamps

6 August noisy council meeting about footpaths and beating the bounds with Chapple and Payne disputing. "The chairman asked him <Chapple> to leave the room to which he asked who was going to put him out and that it would take a better man than him the chairman" A public well had been "built up and now opened in private grounds...in Ann John's Lane," this well had been closed for nine or ten years

Parish maps to be moved from the National School to Trevarrack School

July "Dead house and stable near the church"

November "the deserving poor" for the Polglase Bequest

March wrote to Mr W about the "excessive speed of your motorcar." Successfully persuaded GWR to have cheap tickets on market days in summer from Lelant to Camborne and Redruth

December visitors removing ferns, to write to WPRDC to suggest a by-law

January council to ask WPRDC to adopt the powers of the Dog Act

4 June to tell WPRDC about "the disgraceful state of the Church Road and also the water table in front of the National School." Councillors sent to inspect the condition of the crossing gates at Lelant station. Council paid 9s to Mr Williams for hanging and fixing the gate between the church yards

July complained about the state of Church Road

December 4-17-4 distributed from Polglase Bequest to twenty two people, various amounts from 7s 6d to 2s 6d

16 April salary of assistant overseer raised from 36-10-0 to 45 a year. Meetings to be once a quarter on the first Monday in summer but in "winter months the nearest Monday to the full moon"

14 July to tell WPRDC of "the disgraceful state of ...Church Lane"

November wrote to GWR about the danger arising from the bridge at "Lelant Towans," especially for children (15 April 1914 "known as the Black Bridge"). Councillors to inspect station gates. 4-17-4 to be distributed from the Polglase Bequest by councillors, the clerk, and Mr Nankervis "as in former years" the week before Christmas

March still writing to GWR about the railway Black Bridge

15 April to write to GWR again. Burial Trustees could get a new mortuary bell

6 July bridge work done. Council to ask again for a third delivery of daily post in the village. Council to write to WPRDC about the "refuse that was being dumped on the mud of the road that leads to Lelant Station"

September reply from county council about "the speed of motor traffic through the village"

October wrote to WPRDC about Church Road; also wrote in December 1914, November 1915, April 1917, and March 1921

March council concerned about various directing posts, including Church Road. Council decided that church bells and mine hooters should sound to warn of the "approach or presence of enemy aircraft"

November clerk to write in sympathy to Mr and Mrs Trewhella "who had lost their son in Flanders fighting for his King and Country"

October letter of sympathy sent to Mr and Mrs Gilbart on the death of their son in the war

January wrote to WPRDC about the bad state of the roads and water tables throughout the parish

September a new housing scheme discussed, including six houses at Lelant

December council wondering what was happening about the war memorial

April "With reference to the site at Quay Lane it was decided to recommend the New Row site instead, viz the field in front of the Old Row, Mr Tyringham's land"; council suggested that there were house in the village that could be put into "tenantable condition"

December a building contractor told "he must take every precaution not to injure the mounting stock"

April discussion of right of way over Lelant Quay

August council to call a parish meeting to discuss "these infringements of the public rights," that is, of a right of way for carts over Lelant Quay to get sand from the beach, to write to county council about this and ask WPRDC for their correspondence on it

15 April clerk told to put the deeds of the war memorial at Lelant Cross in Barclays Bank, St Ives

August a petition in support of a public right of way over Lelant Quay to be at the post office; sent to county council in September

July to hold a parish meeting on 15 July about the Lelant Quay right of way

October complaint to WPRDC about "the way the refuse was being dumped on the Saltings"

December council to write to the sanitary inspector about Skidney Lane <a circumspect entry in the minutes, no details> (July 1926 "matter...had been put right")

February WPRDC to be asked when it is going to assert the public right of way over Lelant Quay

March "This council is strongly of the opinion that the public have a right of way over the Lelant Quay and can produce living evidence to prove that it has been used for over seventy years without interference..."

August WPRDC told by the council that there was "no demand for workmans <sic> houses at the present" in Lelant. Council write to GWR welcoming the restoration of extra staff at Lelant Station

30 April council write to WPRDC about the state of the refuse dump; and to ask for a warning notice about dumping refuse in Church Road

December discussion about the Saltings dump

31 August letter from the county council which "referred to the whole of the Parish of Lelant being included in the borough of St Ives" and which asked for any Lelant parish council representations. "After a long discussion...the Clerk was instructed to inform the Clerk of the County Council that they had no alternative scheme"

July council learned that part of the parish was to go to Ludgvan

Polglase Bequest money distributed: 4-17-4 to thirteen people, each getting between six and ten shillings

28 March last meeting, at the National School, decided to inspect the station gates. Hurrell had been clerk for thirty seven years (from January 1899) without missing a meeting.