Lelant references at the Royal Institution of Cornwall

Compilation by Maxwell Adams 2003

RGB Birtill Collection

(Section 5 includes eighty leases and mine setts for Lelant village and the rural parish, the Lelant dates ranging from 1708 to 1859)

Lelant Names, with date mentioned

William BLIGHT Lelant miner 1828
Robert BRYANT Lelant farmer 1836
Honor CURGENVEN age 16 daughter of Peter Curgenven 1735
Mary CURGENVEN wife of Thomas Curgenven age 42 1735
Peter CURGENVEN Lelant yeoman 1735
Thomas CURGENVEN Lelant yeoman age 40 1735
Samuel HAWES Lelant innkeeper 1836
Richard HOSKING Lelant gentleman 1823
Richard HOSKING Lelant farmer 1836
Amy MITCHELL Lelant widow 1708
John MORSHEAD Lelant mine agent 1836
William NICHOLAS junior, Lelant yeoman, Old Glebe 1848
Christopher OATS Lelant miner 1836
Nicholas OATS Lelant 1799
Nicholas OATS Lelant miner 1836
William PAWLY Lelant gentleman 1740 - rabbit warren
Elizabeth RICHARDS wife of John Richards
John RICHARDS Lelant yeoman 1790
Prudence RICHARDS daughter of John Richards
William SANDOW Lelant farmer 1859
Christopher STEPHENS Lelant yeoman 1730
Thomas UREN Lelant mine agent 1853

Charles Bowles

A photocopy of his 1805 booklet A short account of the hundred of Penwith includes the names of people paying rent to the manor of Conerton for lands in Lelant parish: Henry EDWARDS, James PRADE, Lord John ROBERTS, John ROSEWORTHY of Truro, Sir James SMYTH, and the heirs of the marquis of Dorchester.

British Records Association Collection

551/2/20 Articles of agreement between the adventurers of Trink Adit Mine and Great Wheal Reath

Carne Collection

Leases, mainly the rural part of Lelant parish, eighteenth century: CAR 10/1-13

HL Douch

Cornish pubs Manuscript notes, alphabetical by parish, include newspaper references to Lelant public houses, the Badger (New Inn/Praed Arms) and the Ship

Ellis Collection

Documents concerning the manor of Treva and Lelant: EL 8
Leaseof 1827, John Ellis to Hugh Richards of Uny Lelant, innkeeper, Hampton's tenement in Uny Lelant: EL 8/31
Lease of 1834, CJW Ellis to Francis Soady, part of a plot in Lelant Churchtown: EL 8/32

John Gatley Collection

Lease of 1442, including land in Lelant (Lananta): GAT/A/18
Release of 1591, including land in Lelant: GAT/A/32
Lands owned in Lelant in 1677: GAT 2/26
Assignment of a house in Lelant Town in 1733: GAT 6/16

GDH Hall

HALL GDH (1978) Three courts of the hundred of Penwith 1333 London.Hall records cases before the Penwith hundred court July to September 1333. Lelant names are Nicholas le Taverner de Lananta and Hugo de Lananta.

Charles Henderson Collections

The variously named Henderson collections contain numerous references to Lelant. The references are to the volume/page.

Henderson Calendar Collection (abbreviated here as CAL). In this Collection pages 1-212 are from the Bishops' Registers and pages 213-the end are from the Archives of the Dean and Chapter. It also includes Cornwall entries from the depositions of witnesses in the Consistory Court.

Henderson Ecclesiastical, Antiquities, and Topographical Collection (abbreviated here as EA/ANT/TOP)

Henderson Collection. This consists of various documents. Lelant references, mostly in the rural part of the parish, occur in the sections HB, HC, HD.

Abbey EA 1/369
Assize Roll of 1302 which includes the murder of Henry Sauvage by Roger Playz: Miscellaneous H 36
Assize Roll of 1284 which includes the murder of Richard by Elger: Miscellaneous H 40
Burial under the sand CAL 9/60
Chapel Anjer CAL 10/293, 62/87
Chapels ANT 1/122,128-9, 366-9
Churchtown inc Parliament House CAL 16/143
Coastnames TOP 1/87
Crosses ANT 1/120, 122, 127, ANT 2/186; EA 1/367, 370
Defamation cases etc CAL 10/118, 10/123-124
Field names: Furze Close CAL 8/46, Park an Skeeber 8/146, Park Uden 8/146; TOP 1/88
Free borough of Lelant CAL 6/319-320
Gonwin CAL 8/143, 10/229-230, 10/122H, 58/1D
History EA I/363
Langweath Mills CAL 8/146
Lease of lands in Meneath, Lelant in 1653 between Ezekiel GROSSE and J URYN: HD 11/126
Leases etc dated 1612-1740. Lelant names are J JAMES, William JEFFERY, Henry NICHOLAS, Elizabeth PENBERTHY, J PENBERTHYE, Thomasin(e) PENBERTHY, William PENBIRTHYE, James PRAED, Lucy PRAED: HB 14/159a-159n
Lelant Manor CAL 5/61, 5/63
Lelant Quay CAL 2/87
Lelant Water CAL 58/1C
Maps TOP 1/90
Monastery TOP 1/85
Name TOP 1/85
Parish boundary CAL 10/229-230
Returns CAL 10/134, 11/396
Saint Uny's Church ANT 1/19: rector CAL 10/229; rectory CAL 3/113. Also see Vicars.
Sale of her lands in St Erth and Lelant in 1624 by Joan HARRIS, widow, to Ezekiel GROSSE: HC 16/380/33
Sand encroachment CAL 11/361
Subsidy CAL 3/C-D
Tenements TOP 1/85
Terrier CAL 62/87-88
Tinbounds CAL 8/148
Tre(n)dreath CAL 6/316; ANT 1/182
Trevethoe CAL 2/98-99, 2/142, 7/140, 20/352, 2/16, 5/55, 5/61, 5/65, 7/96
Trevethoe Mill CAL 8/146
Vicars CAL 10/15, 55, 71-72, 74, 79-80,107
Wells ANT 1/123, EA 1/365, 369

John Eynon Hooper Collection

Photograph of a Lelant cross: 15/J/27

AKH Jenkin Collection

Lelant material in this Collection includes:

Maps and book of tenants etc for the Praed Trevethoe Estate, includes Lelant (original maps made by Charles Moody in 1820; these are copies by I Rutger in 1838): HJ 5/4,1 (maps) and HJ 5/4,2 (reference book, author unknown)
Lelant tithe map apportionment book, manuscript: HJ 5/5
Various plans for Lelant mines, nineteenth century: HJ 8/144-153
Ordnance Survey maps 1880, 1908 (damaged), not just Lelant: HJ 9/1-123
Lelant leases included: HJ 14/1-52
Lelant mine cost books etc included: HJ 16/1-12

Howard Jewell Collection

Handwritten copies of six letters of 1831-32 from William S Phillpotts, vicar of Lelant, to William Bosustow at Lelant

Kelly's Directory

There is a run of these directories, which include entries for Lelant


See HJ 5/4 and HJ 5/5 in Jenkin Collection
See Ordnance Survey maps in Jenkin Collection
Lanhydrock Atlas: copies made by Charles Henderson of Joel Gascoyne's maps, including Gonwin 1696
Map of Bassett lands in Lelant 1860: MMP 65

Menwinnion Collection

Letter of 1765 mentions dining with W Praed at Trevethoe: MEN 35H

Mining volumes

Sett in Polpeor with a rough sketch plan: V 150

Frederick Nalder Collection

Names of forty-nine Lelant miners and working tinners aged 15-65 who are willing to be emergency soldiers in 1798: N 40

Cyril Noall Bequest

There are several boxes of handwritten books in this Bequest. Boxes 13 and 14 include some material about Lelant, namely extracts copied from local newspapers of the nineteenth century. Most of the material in the Bequest is not about Lelant.

W Penaluna

There is a copy of his book The circle or historical survey of sixty parishes and towns in Cornwall. Lelant is mentioned on pages 151-153.

Thurstan Collins Peter Collection

File 3 contains Notes on Cornish ecclesiology (1899) with information about St Uny's Church from the vicar, RF Tyacke.

File 4 contains undated Notes on Cornish churches, and for Lelant there are three copies of the St Uny's church magazine (January 1903, February 1903, and March 1903) which contain a history of the church.

Philbrick Collection

This includes a manuscript book by AE TROUT (1954) The posts in Cornwall which has a few notes on Lelant post office.

There are also a few postcards which have been cancelled at Lelant post office. Only one or two are of Lelant views, most are not.

Phillimore Marriage Indexes

Volume 9 includes marriages in Lelant Parish Church to 1812.

Anne Pool

There is a handwritten copy by Nora Rowe of a transcription by Anne Pool of the Lelant parish church registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials. The Pool transcript covers baptisms July 1669 to December 1810, marriages May 1679 to September 1811, and burials April 1669 to December 1810.

JCC Probert

Primitive Methodism in Cornwall includes Lelant Primitive Methodist chapel (now the Village Hall) on page 72.

Vivien Russell Collection

Typescript notes for West Penwith survey: Box 1. Lelant notes are at Box 1/7.

Typescript of Place names in West Penwith: Box 4A. Lelant references are at Box 4A/8.

T Shaw Collection

The Places Scrapbook of this Collection includes an undated cutting of the 1965 sale of The Abbey, Lelant to Mrs E Barton of London for 5000.