Lelant village hall

©Maxwell Adams 2004

The village hall is a former chapel in Fore Street. The foundation stone for the present building was laid on 31 May 1859 and the building opened as a Primitive Methodist Chapel on 15 December 1859. There had been a Methodist chapel on the site for several decades before this. The chapel closed in 1909.

The history of the building over the next few years from 1909 is unclear. It was owned by the Tyringham estate and seems to have been used as a public place. On the 1920 map drawn up for the sale of Tyringham property in Lelant it is marked as "parish hall". A report of St Uny's church council refers to a financial account for the "parish hall" ( St Ives Weekly Summary 1 March 1917).

On 30 January 1924 the building was formally, and with no payment by villagers, turned into a village hall by the agreement of Roger William Giffard TYRINGHAM of Trevethoe and the "settlement trustees" who were Lionel Dixon BROWN, Reginald SKIPWITH, and Ernest Edward SAINT QUINTIN. Trustees for the hall were appointed: Arthur Greig CHAPMAN, the vicar; Thomas Reginald GRYLLS; Frederick McIvor BASSETT; Thomas Bridges HUGHES; and Giffard Loftus TYRINGHAM.

1966 renovations

In April 1966 renovations to the hall began and they were finished in October that year. They cost 3675 (in 1966 money) raised from the Council of Social Service of the national ministry of education (1535), St Ives borough council (750), and gifts and efforts (1390). The village hall was reopened on 17 November 1966.

People involved in the 1966 renovation were:
Mrs Edna White of Riverside, Lelant, chair of the village hall management committee
James Presswood of 1 Riverside, Lelant, secretary of the village hall management committee
Derek Harvey of Raventor, Lelant, treasurer of the village hall management committee
Committee members: Mr Rostron, Mr Bowers, Mrs Margaret Jennings, Mrs Bowers, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Olds, and Mrs Dorothy Meade
Surveyor: Mr Land
Architect: Mr Gilbert
Builder: Charles Burrows of Carbis Bay
Plumber: Mr Olds
South West Electricity Board.

Following these renovations a charity scheme was drawn up by the charity commission for the hall dated 9 January 1967. This set out the way the hall was to be managed by a committee elected by villagers.

1990s renovations

The annual general meeting of the hall on 5 March 1996 agreed that a development plan should be drawn up and the management committee on the same 5 March appointed a working party of its members to do this. Substantial work had already been done on a scheme for repairs to the hall.

The plan drawn up by the working party was agreed by the management committee at a meeting on 4 June 1996. The total cost of improvements was about 21 000. They included a lavatory for disabled people, a new central heating boiler, reroofing the passageway, and repointing an outside rear wall, a new floor and the refurbishment of the downstairs rooms. Funding for the improvements was sought from various sources. A lottery grant of 5000 was given in 1997 (St Ives Times and Echo 8 August 1997) and from Penwith district council a grant of over 2000. Villagers also raised money and made donations and further national grants were given. Progress reports appeared in the St Ives Times and Echo 25 February 1997 and the Cornishman 6 March 1997.